4 Day Music, Arts and LifeStyle
Canberra, Australia

25-28 October 2013

~ Dragon Dreaming Festival 2013 ~

Dragon Dreaming has always been a grass roots festival. In the first year the crew had no idea how the festival would be received from the wider community - we have been absolutely humbled by the beautiful support throughout these last four events. We have been pushed to grow, adapt and learn, and hope that this reflects through every aspect of the festival.

In the view of moving into new realms of experience this year; we are back again on a lush new site, full of history and natural goodness within the southern NSW district of Wee Jasper. With ancient trees and crystal clear bodies of water you will find an exceptional balance of ancient history and modern culture, to drive your energy to new peaks of harmonic alignment, with new dreams coming to fruition!

In 2012 the year of the Dragon, the crew decided to let the dragon have her wings to fly, this year marked the completion of a cycle journeyed through the elements and into the ether realms of spirit, a time for deep learning and growth. As we come back together in 2013 we are bringing in the new aspects of festival goodness, new people, influences and inspirations we found, to share with you as we journey into the realm of dragons again.

Dragon Dreaming has always been a full community effort, with originally three crews from separate towns coming together to provide something special. We now proudly engage many more groups of event coordinators to make this dream come alive, with everyone offering their special skills and life experience to create a true rainbow tribe gathering of spectacular talent and goliath efforts, to bring what we hope will be a transformational and bliss filled experience for all who join us!

We thoroughly look forward to sharing this time with you again! See you on the dancefloor!

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